Beginning Art Again…

I started reading some of my books I have on drawing the human figure to aid me in executing a self portrait I had in mind to ensure I got a handle of the essential dimensions of the face in particular. I had this brilliant idea on the quest to improving my art, that I should tackle the more difficult areas in order to achieve my painting goals. What are those goals you may ask? Well…glad you did 🙂

  • To produce more realistic paintings, not hyperrealistic, but paintings which reflect proportion, foreshortening and attention to some details in features
  • To execute paintings using watercolours and oil paints which I have always wanted to try but stayed away from for various reasons
  • To practice other art mediums such as sculpture and digital art and graphic design

So with those goals in mind, I started reading Andrew Loomis’ Drawing the Head and Hands….now…something I must confess, I can get distracted quite easily, so I only got to 35 of 140 something when I got the brilliant idea while practicing to use the watercolours I bought to start painting facial features.

I bought this small spiral watercolour pad to practice and hated how it turned out. The top was clearly my first attempt on different cheaper paper, the second was on better quality paper and the last was after using a tutorial I found on YouTube…needless to say that tutorial really helped in my understanding of making it more 3D.

I definitely want to keep practicing!


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