Character Sketching and Surpassing your Self-Imposed Limitations

You know  that feeling you get sometimes…when you tell yourself I can’t…then you ignore that voice completely and do it anyway?

Well, I was astonished and so proud I ignored it completely! We had a long weekend home in February this year and, instead of feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t go out, I had another brilliant epiphany… why not paint memories from my travels!

I mean, I spent money I should have saved on art supplies last November and I had some pep talks to myself in the weeks leading up to this painting which went something like this, you bought the damn supplies….so paint! How do you expect to see what you’re capable of and how far you can go with this if you don’t paint!!

I studied in Peru in 2016 for almost a year doing my MBA (of course….nothing art related) and it allowed me to see some beautiful people and places…my only regret now is that I didn’t take enough photos. But hey….a great reason to return!

So back to this guy….my roommates and I went to a festival in the heart of Lima and there were these characters amongst others that roamed the streets. It took me less than 48 hours and I tried to include some techniques I learned throughout my research….dry brush for the texture on his vest and wet on wet for his bottle. I really love how he turned out and he really motivated me to push myself to do more!

So I guess despite the fact that my studies weren’t art related, my time in Peru did in fact ignite my desire to paint again out of my comfort zone.

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