My Concept Art Phase

So I realised after my last couple of posts that it may be considered a bit strange how I jumped from that lip study I did to the final product in a matter of days, but if you’ve been reading since the first post, you’d know that I’ve been in and out of the art world for decades and I decided today to give some more insight to that.

I started another blog in 2013 to start tracking my progress after a suggestion from friends I made while at a concept art drawing workshop in Toronto. Needless to say I stopped after about a year when I realised that the help I wanted from the instructors wasn’t being provided after the workshop was over to help me get to where I wanted to be and it was hard for me to judge for  how to improve if I didn’t know the techniques, terms and tools required to do so.

But here’s some pieces I tried during and after the workshop on character design. My inspirations are tribal and indigenous people, people of African descent and portraits in general. During this phase, I found artists I admired such as Carter Goodrich, Tim Burton, Frank Morrison and animated and stop motion movies like The Boxtrolls. Also my all time favourite Alfons Mucha for his female form and geometric lines and shapes (more on him later)

Have you ever been like me starting something u love then stopping for a while and when you start back wonder how far you could have been if you never stopped?

What made you stop? What made you start back?

10014555_10151996520115785_281013689_n (1)

1077632_10151538622280785_1248118052_o (1)

1890424_10151996524010785_1034367767_o (1)

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