Painting Memories Continue – Portraits

Lake Titicaca girl.png
So the momentum from my first portrait piece from Lima, Peru inspired me to scour through my photos to see what else I had that inspired me. I took a photo of a little girl while visiting the province of Puno in Peru in December 2016 and she spoke to me. Now, while I love certain aspects of this painting, it definitely showed me I still had a lot to learn and that sometimes haste can result in mistakes.
Facial structure and head position needs some readjustment, and the shadows on her face needs some work. Her jacket as well could use more work. But I decided to post this anyway so that when I look back at my progress I’ll be amazed and proud I came this far.
Nevertheless I am proud that I did it, again, practice makes perfect and learning from failure enables success. The parts I love continue to motivate me to produce more work….and I definitely will be attempting a do-over of her to challenge myself!


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