Landscapes and Architecture in Watercolor

old church berlin
Church in Berlin on Arches Hot Press Paper
I decided to take a little break and refocus my energy on other subjects since this is all in an effort to find my style and my preferences of subjects and anyway, what could it hurt?
So this was a quick study of a church in Berlin that was just across the street from me in 2017 on my travels through Europe. I decided to do this piece without sketching first and merely try to  decipher shapes, light and shadows as best as I could and I was pretty happy with the outcome. Architecture is quite a nemesis since I have challenges drawing straight lines even with rulers…go figure.
I started with a general light wet on wet wash which is still visible on the outskirts of the main building, trying to block out the main shapes and gradually go darker with the shadows. it was a pretty overcast day when I took the photo…and so I didn’t really put much detail into the sky. I also did a rough impression of some shrubbery on trees that loomed around to frame the piece a bit.
What do you think is your biggest challenge with watercolor?


3 thoughts on “Landscapes and Architecture in Watercolor

  1. I am still learning how to use watercolor and I find posts like this very inspiring as I’m particularly interested with landscapes. Thank you for sharing this. This is beautiful. ❤️

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    1. Hi Myrtle! Thanks for sharing! l am finding landscapes to be tricky especially if buildings are involved since the question becomes how realistic do you want it to be. I’m still experimenting with my style for landscapes and have come across looser interpretations like what I tried that I hope to post up soon!

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