Ignoring the Voice Inside My Head (and sometimes from others outside)

How do you create when sometimes you think you aren’t good enough? How do you ignore the voice and like the iconic phrase “Just Do It” I am a self-diagnosed over-analyzer. You name it, I over-analyze it. It’s something I am currently in mental rehab for and sometimes I conquer the beast, other times I relapse. In the book Art and Fear; the authors explain this common feeling when it comes to exercising your creative muscles all too well. There’s the fear of Acceptance, where they explain
“If the need for acceptance is the need to have your work accepted as art, then the accompanying fear is finding it dismissed as craft, hobby, decoration – or simply nothing at all”.
Funny enough this is why I wrote this post…I posted this piece, my 2nd landscape painting and got a lot of favourable reactions on social media. I personally found a lot of flaws in it (the sky & the buildings in the foreground) but decided to post it anyway just to set it free so to speak.  Then, one friend private messaged me about seeking the opinions of professionals to gauge the caliber of my work rather than relying on the praises of non-artists. On top of that, they didn’t stop there, they let me know they didn’t like the piece I posted. It caught me off-guard, and I found myself explaining that not everyone will like what I do and also that most times I see flaws in my work before others do. But I post anyways to escape the fear that has kept me dormant for so long.
Additionally, it occurred to me, does one person (at least one who vocalised their dislike) really matter if there are people who love it? Is the production of art a competition among all artists within a particular medium where everyone has to love it? Do I keep my work hidden and only show others when professionals have deemed it of acceptable quality? Of course not! And in the art world…what is acceptable anyway!
Now this as you can tell by now is a venting post, and I created this blog also as a means of serving a dual purpose – to be my art diary and also to showcase my work and progress as times goes on. But enough of the venting, and onto some positive inspiration from that book again which goes like this:
“…the seed for your next artwork lies embedded in the imperfections of your current piece. Such imperfections are your guides – valuable, reliable, objective, non-judgmental guides – to matters you need to reconsider of develop further”
Do you ever face this struggle?

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