Portrait Practice in Watercolor

My goal is that by December 2018, I have at least 5 pieces completed for this watercolour portrait series I have in my head.

With that said, I aim to pain at least 3 mini watercolour portraits per week to get more comfortable with the fundamentals of drawing, perspective, light shadow the works. Additionally, by practicing on a small size I conserve my oh so precious paints! (They may not be professional paints right now, but hey, they still cost a pretty penny in my currency!)

So here is attempt number 2, I used the same technique as my first guy, but I may have been overwhelmed with the water. The model’s face was also starkly lit on the left side of her face with the sunshine….appearing almost yellow, so it was a bold selection for my second try in this series. Getting the 3D effect with shadow will take some more work but I am up for the challenge! On the bright side, I love love love how her hair turned out (happy dance)!

Nevertheless, lessons were learnt and onto portrait #3!

Let me know if portraits are your thing…I could use some tips!

fro girl

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