Portraits Again

Continuing with portraits I decided to try my hand at a different complexion to see if would be as easy as it seemed in videos. The complexion turned out ok what my main issues were this time were her eyes to capture the life and gleam within them and the shadows and colour within the creases under her eyes.

Getting depth on the skin to make it more realistic on paler skin was tough…so her face does look pretty flat.  Painting the hair was interesting. I tried this technique I used before with underwashes of lighter colours and gradually building on them it worked. Next time to emphasize the flyaway strands on a darker background, I will use some masking fluid and then paint in after. Finding tools to apply thinner lines though is tricky.

Covering up mistakes on paler skin is also tricky. I misjudged her lips and didn’t get the hang of lashes which I actually attempted this time but with practice I’ll get the hang of them. One thing I’ve begun to embrace in this painting process is the importance of patience. I have always been low in that department and unfortunately, the results of a lack of patience can be quite evident. Using this platform to highlight my wins and losses in the process is all part of the plan.

flower girl

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