Experimenting with Portraits

Hey! So based on my previous attempts at skin application and mixing techniques, I decided to go back to the drawing board. I discovered a YouTube tutorial which used the wet on wet technique to apply the various undertones on the skin.

For my practice piece, I chose a reference photo with more dramatic lighting. Initially the guy had paint on his face and he was lighter in complexion, but I love the skin tone I achieved here. The paper I used isn’t the best to withstand the heavy applications of water, so continuous applications of layers of colour can take its toll. This is a 90lb. paper instead of my usual 140lb so some more control in application is needed.

The shadows involved heavy uses of purple and indigo for the shadows and washes of burnt sienna. There was also was some gamboge included.  Maintaining quickness with application can be tricky as continuous application of layers has to be done before the paint is completely dry. What I wanted to achieve through this technique was to paint the colours I saw. Based on the dramatic nature of the lighting these were the colours that stood out to me!

Now here comes the importance of patience, as I mentioned in my previous post  Lack of patience can easily show in a painting. This guy’s face was covered in paint which I initially intended to do but I doubted my ability to do it and decided to give him an uncovered face. Without a proper reference photo to determine the placement of his features I did some guess work without fully contemplating facial structure.

Back to the drawing board I go (pun intended) 🙂

portrait practice 4

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