Watercolour Portrait Practice

My last portrait post for the week and I guess I saved the best for last. I was hesitant to do this one because she had a lot of hair that I wasn’t in the mood to capture, but hr face was so striking, it won me over!

I was rather restricted in my skin colours since she was lighter and also wearing makeup, so being subtle with colour and waiting for each layer to dry was key. For the undertones in the darker parts of her hair I used Indigo blue, and I was really tempted to leave it blue and just add the brown highlights in her hair. Decided against it since I wanted to capture the shadows due to the different variations in colour, and I also love looking at how the colours blend into one another! I’m also starting to enjoy ever so slightly the application of eyebrows and eyelashes…at least on the left hand side of the face….as a lefty, when I head over to the right making all sorts of weird angles to get them to go in the right direction is quite the task!

My stash of Arches 4″x 6″ rough press poster paper I used for this portrait practice is finished and I realised restocking is an issue…sigh…I keep looking online to see if it gets restocked anywhere cuz I really love it, but I guess if I don’t I’ll have to buy larger sheets and cut them smaller.

If you know where I can find them online leave me a link in the comments!

Portrait #11

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