Watercolours: Fugitive Colour

As a self-taught artist navigating your medium of interest without the help of classmates can be interesting. I joined one of those Facebook group’s about watercolours to learn and gain some exposure to other artists practicing the medium and someone posted about fugitve colours.

Having never heard of it before, I was intrigued. What is a fugitive colour? Was I using any of those shades? What does it mean for my artwork? So I did some digging and found this post on Artists Network, which helped me out.

After reading up on it, it did make me question the longevity of a watercolour painting, whether fugitive colours are used or not. I haven’t started brushing up on my art history, but I intend to as well as experiment with different brands. Some google research educated me on the longevity of certain paints versus others. In this regard, while I am enjoying the process of using watercolours in my work so far, I can’t wait to explore my other mediums of interest.

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