About the Artist

Like a lot of artists, I started drawing from a young age…mostly because I was the only girl with 4 brothers and the time alone allowed me to escape into another world. Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, I admired many of our local artists and I have always been drawn to portrait and landscape painters. I also love the vibrancy and richness of our culture and the uniqueness that our history has imposed on both our architectural, cultural  and physical assets.

In my teens, I was adamant that I wanted to become an artist and pursued art throughout high school. I participated in a few exhibitions and even sold one painting. However, I didn’t get to attend Art School as I intended and it wasn’t until my 20’s I did some courses to keep art a part of my life as I tried to fit in to what I termed being normal. One degree in Economics and an MBA later, my day job now involves working in socio-economic policy making in the public sector.

In 2017, after spending time in Peru and the Netherlands doing my Masters, I took the opportunity to travel as much as I could. It was through these experiences and most importantly visiting the Vatican Museum and seeing the frescos at the Sistine Chapel my love for painting reignited within me.

My journey through art has been one of overcoming my fears, coming to terms with my talents and accepting my capabilities while expanding my learning. I consider myself multi-disciplinary in both digital and traditional art. This journey for me is about honing in on those mediums which bring me the greatest joy and finally achieving my goal of becoming an internationally recognised artist.